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Frustration + Banging Head Against My Desk at 4:00 AM = A Sh@#$t Load of New Home Buyer Leads.

Hi - Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lenny Zaytsev and I'm an insurance agent in NJ.

That's Me

I sell property and casualty insurance, an write a ton of homeowner's insurance. I also deal with a ton of Loan Officers that send me a ton of referrals for home owners insurance.


Unfortunately that was not always the case. Once upon a time I had a thriving agency filled with cold callers AKA telemarketers AKA people who cost a ton of money $15 bucks an hour plus payroll taxes, plus don't always come in on time or at all.


A few years ago I stumbled across a marketing system that used Facebook to generate New Home Buyer leads. The pitch was, get a bunch of New Home Buyer leads generated, send them over to Loan Officer Referral Partners, they will love you, they will send you all of their closings for home insurance, champagne will fall from the sky, all will be right with the world, you will be rich, Etc, etc, bull shit, bull shit, etc.

So of course, I jumped in head first!. I spent months sending over new home buyer leads to my old and new Loan Officer Referral partners. Next came the phone calls from the Loan Officer Partners, and the typical call went something like this: "Hey man, love what you do for my clients in the way of homeowner's insurance but the leads you send me, THEY SUCK! - They are actually the worst leads on planet earth and a really big waste of my time. They Suck! No one picks up, they don't pick up the phone, they don't respond to text's, not even smoke signals. Nothing, totally radio silent. And when you do get them on the phone they say there not really looking for a mortgage.

Some Loan Officer Partners were having a very small level of success with the low intent leads being generated on Facebook, but most of them ended up being a big fat waste of time and money.

After months of trying to figure out the best way to make Facebook Mortgage leads work and be high intent with no luck, I was sitting at my desk on an early morning in January, 4:00 AM to be exact one hour before Starbucks opens, Googling "Mortgage Leads" when I came to the realization that... Wait a minute, Google, Googling, Holy Sh..t. and a bunch of other profanity that I will shelter your eyes from... Facebook Sucks, it's a Dying Platform. Google. That's it! DING! BAM! and what ever else could happen in a moment of clarity. It was literally comparable to when Doc Brown invented the Flux Capacitor.


The reason Facebook ads suck so much:  When you post a Facebook ad for marketing, you are doing just that, you are marketing. Trying to find the person who is in the mood at the that moment and is in the mood enough to click on your ad. Basically you are fishing in a bottomless pit. It's like sending out snail mail postcards and hoping a very tiny percentage of people take action. 

Fortunately after having my realization, I went to work. I figured out the Google, The ads marketing, The what will make a consumer click here, fill out a form, and be not only expecting but waiting for a phone call from one of my loan officer partners.


The reason Google ads work so much better then the Facebook crappy ads: Consumers go to Google on purpose, they are looking for something. The intention is there, they want something now. They are requesting services, mood is not even a factor.

The Special Sauce: After figuring out the way Google does things (How The Google AI works for or against you), I spent countless hours on the ad content, automation, and getting everything to work perfectly together to generate the Highest possible intent new home buyer leads possible.

Today I generate north of 250 mortgage leads for my loan officer partners monthly, champagne does fall from the sky, and all is right with the world!

I decided to offer my lead generation system to Loan officers and Insurance Agents across the country, with the initial intention of offering this as a course. In another moment of clarity I decided to skip the expensive and frustrating learning curve most people would have to endure as I did, and offer a system that is set up for you and works out of the box, rather than learning 5 different software integrations, online marketing, funnel creation, and the automation process. We will set it up for you and show you how to use it.


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