Skip the Zillow & Lending Tree toll booth and become your own lead engine. Get exclusive New Home Buyer Leads using Google combined with the Meet MyLo(My Leads Online) smart system.
Get exclusive leads delivered directly to your inbox at a fraction of the cost. New Home Buyers who are looking now and expecting your call!
What you get:
1. High Intent (People Looking in Real Time)
2. Google Ad's Maintenance and Updates
3. Total cost control
4. Google Ad's AI keyword setup, optimization & maintenance
5. New Home Buyers Lead Automation and Delivery
6. TLD domain & SSL
7. and More!

How it Works

Meet Renters Mike & Kayla

680 Fico
720 Fico

They are renters. After the ice cream they went home, sat on the couch, and turned on HG TV. They saw Chip & Joanna on Fixer Upper rehab a new house. Kayla turned to Mike and said I wish we could buy a house!

The next morning before Kayla went to the Gym she jumped on her Iphone and went to her Google app and searched for a first time home owners mortgage. Google took her to and ad. She clicked it, filled out the form and...

The secret sauce started to bubble as the system launched into action!

New Lead...

Looks Like the coolest Loan Officer just got a new home buyer lead delivered straight to his inbox!!! WooWhoooo!!!

  • Name

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Credit score

  • Working with a Realtor?

  • Do they rent now?

  • and More!!!!

Now just give them a call and start that application!

Wow looks like Mike & Kayla got approved and were able to get the dream house!!!!

Wow also looks like a Loan Officer just got paid again!! That's it.  Give us a call for more info! 



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