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Meet Bob - The Insurance Guy

Meet Bob's LO Partners

LO Partner

LO Partner

LO Partner

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Bob Sends His LO Partners High Intent Referral Leads All Month Long. His LO Referral Partners Are So Happy They Return Favor And Send Bob ALL OF THE BUSINESS THEY WRITE!


They talk about about Bob when the go to lunch with other Loan Officers and the branch managers. They tell them about How this local insurance agent sends them referrals. Next thing Bob knows Bob's phone is blowing up with LO Partners.

How Did Bob Create This Massive Stream Of Referrals From Loan Officer Partners?



One day while sitting at his desk he was searching for the best way to generate new homeowner's policies

and found the Meet MyLo System. Gave us a call and the next thing he knew he was getting a ton of homeowner's policies from his LO partners.

The crazy part was that even tho he hadn't delivered a single New Home Buyer lead yet, the LO's started to send him business immediately. Once the leads started to flow to the LO partners the flood gates opened and Bob was swamped with new business.

We showed Bob how to acquire more and more LO Partners every single month.

Meet Bob's New Buddy - Joe the LO!

When Bob Sends Joe the LO a new leads automatically


This is what happens next - The MyLo System goes into action, secret sauce starts to bubble as the system goes into automation mode!

New Lead...

Looks Like the coolest Loan Officer just got new home buyer lead delivered straight to his inbox from his Favorite Insurance Agent!!! WooWhoooo!!!

  • Name

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Credit score

  • Working with a Realtor?

  • Do they rent now?

  • and More!!!!

Wow looks like Mike & Kayla got approved and were able to get the dream house!!!!

Joe the LO calls Bob and Says: I LOVE YOU MAN!

I'm Sending You Referrals For The Rest of My Life

A New BroManse  Is Formed!

Wow also looks like Bob the Insurance Agent Just sold Another Policy.  Give us a call for more info! 



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