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New Home Buyer Leads Overview: Loan Officers

Stop Overpaying Zillow for low intent LookieLoo leads.


Generate New Home Buyer mortgage leads just like the big guys without the competition.  Our automated lead generation system cuts out the middle man. We put you in the drivers seat. All the leads generated are exclusive. On average our system pulls in 200 plus new home buyers per month. 

Get 200+ High Intent Leads Per Month


Get high intent mortgage leads everyday in your inbox. Our system gets all the info you need to to start the application process and get the deals closed.




When we set you up you own the system. No shared leads, no shared anything it's your's forever.


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New Home Buyer MyLo Overview: Insurance Agents

Unlimited Referrals


Generate New Home Buyer mortgage leads for your Loan Officer Partners and get an unlimited stream of referrals coming your way every month. The Lions Rock MyLo system helps you every step of the way. Build an army of referral partners that send you homeowner's that are about to close and need insurance within 14 days of closing!



Automate the process by sending out New Home Buyer Leads to your Loan officer partners in a round robin. Send each loan officer north of 20 new home buyers referrals per month! You will become their favorite Insurance Pro within a very short period of time! Be the only guy in your area that can actually reciprocate to a loan officer partner!


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Give us a call 855-281-6956 or schedule a time to talk to us and find out how we can help you grow your business Now!

People Are Looking!


Every day people go to and search for a mortgage. We've put together a system that not only captures the Google Traffic searching for a mortgage but also built in some special sauce to entice a new home buyer to fill out the long form and zap it over to you! High Intent Leads are generated when someone goes to Google and searches for a mortgage without being marketed to on Facebook, Zillow,, etc.

lead information


Lead Long Form info includes:

  • Consumer Name

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Assumed credit score

  • Working or not with a Realtor

  • Price range

  • Currently Rent/Own

  • and More!

A total of 11 Long Form Fields of data.​

Realtor Partners

Make more and get more referrals from your Realtor partners. Once a New Home Buyer Lead is Pre-Qualified send the referral back to one of your realtor partners or go get some more! Either way you will be the only Loan Officer that realtors refers business too for the next century or so! 

Do It Right!


Facebook is a dying platform. People are leaving in droves. Other marketing systems exist that help you market on Facebook to generate new home buyer leads for your Loan Officer Partners. They tend to generate very low intent leads. Our system finds new home buyer leads that are looking right now in real time rather than marketing to them on a Facebook feed and hoping they are in the mood to get a mortgage. Your Loan officer partners will appreciate the High Intent Leads from the very start, do it right the first time.

High Intent Leads


Get high intent mortgage leads everyday for your loan officer partners. Give them referrals that are actually looking for a mortgage. In return you will earn all of their business very quickly.


Skip the Learning Curve

Rather than offer an online course and have you figure out all the moving parts we set it all up for your. The classes that exist for similar systems have up to 40 hours of video content teaching you the step by step process of setting up the systems and doing split tests to figure out what works the best in your market. Let us set it up for your agency and let it run like a well oiled machine. Our content works right now with no split tests and guessing games.

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